Corlia Roberts Diamond Education in Johannesburg South Africa offers courses in diamonds and gold.
Corlia Roberts Diamond Education offers Professional Diamond Courses
  • Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Course
  • Polished Diamond and Gold Course
  • Diamond Cutting and Polishing Course
  • Enrollment
  • Loose Diamonds

Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College in Johannesburg, offer diamond courses in Rough Diamond Evaluation, Diamond Grading, Cutting and Polishing. Through her unique combination of one-on-one coaching and integrated videos, you will learn to grade, polish and evaluate diamonds more consistently and accurately using the very latest in gemological equipment.

                                                           “Education is forever ” Corlia Roberts

Learn about diamonds, study diamonds at Corlia Roberts Diamond school

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Corlia Roberts Diamond Education Courses presents fascinating courses on
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Learn to grade diamonds, polish diamonds, rough diamonds, polished diamonds


The Education College based close to the Diamond Centre in Johannesburg offers student #Accommodation

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