Corlia Roberts Diamond Courses in Johannesburg South Africa,London and Antwerp offers courses in diamonds and gold.
Corlia Roberts Diamond Courses offers Professional Diamond Education Courses in South Africa, London and Antwerp.
  • Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Course
  • Polished Diamond and Gold Course
  • Diamond Cutting and Polishing Course
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  • Loose Diamonds

Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College in South Africa, London and Antwerp offers diamond courses in Rough Evaluation, Grading, Cutting and Polishing. Through her unique combination of one-on-one coaching and integrated videos, you will learn to grade, polish and evaluate diamonds more consistently and accurately using the very latest in gemological equipment.

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Learn to grade diamonds, polish diamonds, rough diamonds, polished diamonds

London / Antwerp Courses

Rough Diamond Foundation / Valuation Course (2 Days) London £695 - Rough Diamond Valuation Course (5 Days) London & Antwerp £2995 - London / Antwerp

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